The primate took part in the "Minimarathon" of the Kardinal-Frings-Gymnasium in Bonn

On Saturday, September 3rd, Bishop Serovpé took part in this year's "Minimarathon" of the school at the invitation of the Kardinal-Frings-Gymnasium in Bonn. Through the marathon, which has been held annually for twenty years, the high school collects donations to support school projects in Armenia. In cooperation with Caritas in Armenia, the school infrastructure in remote villages in Armenia is being improved, and learning the German language is being promoted through exchange programs with two schools in Gyumri. Since 2002, the school has collected around EUR 350,000.00 for this purpose through the mini marathon.

In his speech, the primate praised the long-standing initiative and thanked all initiators and all former and current students, as well as all donors for their commitment. In addition to the primate, the Mayor of the Federal City of Bonn Gabi Mayer, representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, Hayg Sargsyan and Deputy Headmaster Markus Möhring also spoke greetings. Photos: Beate Behrendt-Weiss