Theological studies and seminaries

Theology is a scientific discipline that belongs to the canon of humanities. It can be studied at the theological faculties of the universities or at ecclesiastical colleges (seminaries and academies).

Studying theology not only means dealing with tradition, but also gaining new insights and understanding the relationship to God and to people. Very good career prospects await theology students. Although only men can study in the seminaries, women can also study theology at the Faculty of Theology in Yerevan. With a degree, graduates can enter different areas of the job market. Theologians and priests are represented in all areas of our society not only as pastors, but also from managers to journalists or the Federal President.

Anyone who decides to become a pastor can look forward to an attractive and exciting job in which different talents come into their own. The range of activities is diverse. They require theological as well as personal and communicative skills. On this website we present the seminaries, academies and the Faculty of Theology of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

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